280 DWT Nickel Ore Barges

Barge end deck plate being turned for welding



Barge #1 side being moved to consolidation site



Hopper end bulkheads for barges 1 & 2 sitting on hopper bottom for barge #1



Barge ends for barge #2 sitting on hopper bottom



Barge ends for barge #1 being fitted with bottom plate



Barge #2 sides being assembled



Second side for barge #2



Barge side being fitted



Trial fit of fender tyres


Barge #1 end being fitted



Assembly of  barges #1 to #3 - 1st June 2011



Assembly of  barges #1 to #3 - 1st June 2011



One of the four barges completed inside the workshop


Progress painting


Barges finished painted before moving to slipway.


Moving barges to slipway




final two Barges on the day of departure to Noumea being towed by
the 'Christine Mary' (Thomson Towboats)